A nonsmooth RATTLE algorithm for mechanical systems with frictional unilateral constraints

28. Februar 2024

Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems, Volume 52, May 2024, 101469

In 1983, Andersen proposed the RATTLE algorithm as an extension of the SHAKE algorithm. The RATTLE algorithm is a well-established method for simulating mechanical systems with perfect bilateral constraints. This paper further extends RATTLE for simulating nonsmooth mechanical systems with frictional unilateral constraints (i.e. frictional contact). With that, it satisfies the need for higher-order integration methods within the framework of nonsmooth contact dynamics in phases where the contact status does not change (i.e. no collisions/constant sliding states). In particular, the proposed method can simulate impact-free motions, such as persistent frictional contact, with second-order accurate positions and velocities and prohibits penetration by unilateral constraints on position level.


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