Isogeometric shell elements for fiber reinforced composites

30. Januar 2020

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol. 362, pp. 112845:1-34, 2020.

A second gradient theory for woven fabrics is applied to Kirchhoff–Love shell elements to analyze the mechanics of fiber reinforced composite materials. In particular, we assume a continuous distribution of the fibers embedded into the shell surface, accounting for additional in-plane flexural resistances within the hyperelastic regime. For the finite element discretization we apply isogeometric methods, i.e. we make use of B-splines as basis functions omitting the usage of mixed approaches. The higher gradient formulation of the fabric is verified by a series of numerical examples, followed by suitable validation steps using experimental measurements on organic sheets. A final example using a non-flat reference geometry demonstrates the capabilities of the presented formulation.




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