Nonsmooth Dynamics / Nichtglatte Dynamik

Sommersemester 2021


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4 SWS, 6 LP 

The course Nonsmooth Dynamics is concerned with the mathematical description and numerical simulation of mechanical systems with unilateral constraints.

Nonsmooth mechanical systems are characterized by jumps in the velocities or accelerations of the bodies in contact. Examples are systems with impact and friction. Mathematical concepts from convex and nonsmooth analysis, which are essential for the description of nonsmooth systems, are discussed in the first part of the course. Topics such as convex sets and functions, the subdifferential and set-valued functions are introduced. The second part of the course discusses set-valued force laws. Special attention is paid to Coulomb friction, both in the planar and spatial case, and to Newtonian impact laws. The third part of the course is concerned with nonsmooth dynamical systems. Numerical methods for the simulation of nonsmooth systems are explained and illustrated with example problems.

I Convex Analysis and Nonsmooth Analysis
II Set-valued Force Laws
III Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems

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