NODYCON 2023: 5 talks of INM

17. April 2023

NODYCON2023, Rome, 18-22 June 2023


Fabia Bayer & Remco Leine: Optimal projection in a Koopman-based sorting-free Hill method

Yassine Karoui & Remco Leine: Model reduction of a periodically forced slow-fast continuous piecewise linear system

Lisa Eberhardt, Remco Leine, Jonas Harsch, Simon Eugster, Perry Bartelt & Helene Lanter: Application of nonsmooth dynamics to rockfall protection ring net simulation

Simon Sailer & Remco Leine: A complete stability chart for the tippedisk

Balkis Youssef & Remco Leine: Vibro-impact NES: Nonlinear mode approximation using the multiple scales method


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