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Simon R. Eugster

Dr. sc. ETH

Institut für Nichtlineare Mechanik


Pfaffenwaldring 9
70569 Stuttgart
Raum: 3.111


Research interests:   

My research is focused on the mathematical description of highly deformable materials, structures and systems with a particular interest in:

Soft Robotics and flexible multibody dynamics

  • Dynamics and control of soft robots using finite element formulations
  • Development of tailor-made simulation environments for flexible multibody systems
  • Contact mechanics within the field of nonsmooth dynamics

Mechanical metamaterials and computational mechanics

  • Development of novel mathematical theories for micro-structured materials
  • Design, modeling and analysis of materials with second-gradient elasticity effects
  • Variational formulations and numerical treatment of spatial nonlinear beam theories

for more information about my research visit my personal webpage www.simonreugster.com


since 2020 Akademischer Oberrat at the Institute for Nonlinear Mechanics,
University of Stuttgart
2014 – 2020 Akademischer Rat at the Institute for Nonlinear Mechanics,
University of Stuttgart
2018 Visiting Scholar at University of California, Berkeley
2014 Doctoral Degree, Thesis: “On the Foundations of Continuum Mechanics and its Application to Beam Theories”
Advisors: Prof. Ch. Glocker and Prof. P. Ballard
2009 – 2014 Doctoral student at the Center of Mechanics, ETH Zurich
2009 M.Sc. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich
2004 – 2009 Studies in Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich


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